The Wedding, by Vicki & Ramsay

I recently had the awesome pleasure of shooting my sister’s wedding. Nae Pressure right?! Right. It was pretty darn spectacular, an early morning boat trip on the ‘Maid of the Forth’ to the incredibly beautiful Inchcomb Abbey, followed by the best steak ever at Champney’s, a wee dram or two in the infamous Ferry Tap. The evening consisted of a ‘singing bride’ (that wasn’t on the bill!), an amazing rendition of the Gay Gordon’s, and a sunset over the iconic bridges to smile about.The free flowing wine, great food and an after party to remind us of our youth! Not to mention the most amazing Elizabeth Stuart dress and Jimmy Choo’s! (I’ve still to try these wee bad-boys on!) Quote of the day must have come from my beautiful, big hearted big sister…’I'm a Bride’!! Yip Vicki, you are. And a bloody wonderful one at that!

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