The Wedding by Jonny & Kate.

Saturday the 11th of July was a good day! I had the great pleasure of traveling to one wee awesome part of our country, Kinlochard, a small village in the heart of The Trossachs. The roads may be windy and tiny but they lead to some of the most stunning and scenic landscapes that makes me feel super proud to be a Scottish gal! Kinlochard Village Hall was the venue for Jonny & Kate’s scrumptious wedding and it was perfect. Set on the banks of Loch Ard this village is straight of a postcard… cute, full of character, surrounded my a breathtaking views at every angle and on this day filled with even more beautiful people! The buses may of struggled on the wee roads and the weather may have been typically Scottish but these things all just make a truly unique day filled with details that come from the heart. Congratulations to you beautiful pair, and thank you so much for having me!

Jonny & Kate

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