My First Fayre of Weddings!

Mr&MrsSo so so! My first big step in to the real big wide world of weddings began last week at the ‘Best Unusual Wedding Venue’ which is the darn tooting lovely Bogbain Farm. Situated just South of Inverness, Bogbain offers Brides and Grooms to be the chance of getting wed somewhere a wee bit different. BBWF010It’s full of rustic charm and it’s quirky set up makes for what I see to be the bestest opportunity for some real vintage inspired wedding photography. BBWF014Can’t wait to get my first call up to shoot a wedding here…who’s it gonna be huh, huh?!

BBWF06I was kinda nervous, I’m not going to fib. It’s quite a privilege to shoot anyone’s big day and not something to be taken lightly or with a pinch of salt! it’s such a relaxed atmosphere at Bogbain though, it didn’t take me long to relax, get my little pitch ready and meet some lovely lovers ready to make the ultimate step. Eeeek!

BBWF01 I think I get a bit too excited, checking out all the amazing engagement sparklers, nervously asking them how they met, if the bride’s picked her dress. Clearly all the most important things about getting married…right?!

loveAh there’s so much for you all to do once you’ve said ‘I Do!’ It really becomes clear when you’re at a Wedding Fayre. Venue first. That’s what I heard a lot of industry folk saying. Once you’ve picked your venue you can then get on with how you want it to look. It would be all too easy for me to sit here and say ‘go with somewhere that’s a blank canvas’, but it’s not as easy as that when you’re on a budget. Big or small. The only advice I’d give on dressing your venue would be to get all your trusted friends involved. Believe it or not, there’s nothing a girl likes more than being involved in a wedding! Your the boss though…remember that. And never forget for a second why you’re getting married in the First place…Love conquers all!

BBWF05BBWF07What’s next on the list? Wedding planners, amazing cake makers, a multitude of photographic artists, venue decor, food, hair and make up…the list goes on does it not?! So many really gifted a creative individuals out there to choose from. How on earth do you go about making a start?! Well, there are loads and loads of really great wedding bloggers out there, easily tracked down through online searches and social media. Some of my favorites are ‘Plans and Presents’, ‘Love my dress’and ‘Rock’n'Roll Bride’ to name but a few. I’ll link their web addresses at the bottom. 

BBWF012BBWF011BBWF03It’s a daunting task I’m sure but I know you will make the right decisions. If it doesn’t feel right then it surely isn’t. Follow your gut instinct, it’s usually right. And it’s never too late to change your mind, that’s definitely a bride to be’s prerogative! (And of course a groom’s!)

GG026For any of you reading this that I did meet at Bogbain Wedding Fayre then I hope your plans are going well, you’ve found what you’re looking for and I wish you all the happiness on your path together! And if I can be of assistance in any way then please feel free to contact me here –

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