Laura & Robert

I’m feeling very excited. I’m going to be attending and shooting the wedding of one of the coolest gals I know. I literally can’t wait to see her in August. She’s gonna totally nail being a cool bride!

I went to my home town of Dingwall last weekend, a small town in the Highlands surrounded by beautiful scenery and cute villages. It’s very picturesque and the small town of Strathpeffer is where Laura and Robert are declaring their awesomeness to each other in front of their friends and family. And me! (woop woop!)

Laura and her partner Robert and just the bestest couple, creative, calm, soulful and full of love. Perfect recipe! To say I’m excited to be at this wedding would be a complete understatement! Laura1 Laura3 Laura2 Laura5 Laura11 Laura6 Laura7 Laura8 Laura4 Laura9 Laura13 Laura10 Laura12 Laura14