Jonny & Kate

Jonny & Kate.

Even their names go well together! They’re getting married on Saturday and I’m gonna be there…much excitement! I’m hoping Harris will make a star appearance also. Harris is the super cute wee dog below and he’s pretty cool! I met them all a good few weeks back a their home  just past Glasgow and being Glasgow it rained. A lot. We did manage a few sprints out to the garden though to catch a few shots which we did and I like them a lot, easy to see why I’m so excited to be there on Saturday!

Jonny & Kate met on a platform at  Waterloo Station. (I know, cool) They got engaged on the 4th of October last year at Glen Striddle, Loch Lomond with the very handsome Harris carrying the ring around his neck, (Also cool!) and they’re getting hitched this Saturday at Kinlochard Village Hall. The story is to be continued…

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