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  • 2015, you were a goodun.

  • Well 2015 was pretty darn awesome! It's already half way through January so I may be a bit late posting my favorite wedding shots from last year but I'm blaming my denial that the festivities are indeed now over! I'm not so happy I can't eat and drink as much [...]
  • The Wedding, by Mr&Mrs Ross

  • Ever wondered what would happen if Batman fell in love? Well it would kinda roll like this... He'd fall madly in love with the gal he met at a life drawing class. He'd sweep her off her feet. She in return would help make a home, a home filled with crochet, p[...]
  • The Wedding, by Vicki & Ramsay

  • I recently had the awesome pleasure of shooting my sister's wedding. Nae Pressure right?! Right. It was pretty darn spectacular, an early morning boat trip on the 'Maid of the Forth' to the incredibly beautiful Inchcomb Abbey, followed by the best steak ever a[...]