2015, you were a goodun.

Well 2015 was pretty darn awesome! It’s already half way through January so I may be a bit late posting my favorite wedding shots from last year but I’m blaming my denial that the festivities are indeed now over! I’m not so happy I can’t eat and drink as much as I like without caring, or buying un-required gifts that will probably end up being re-gifted. That’s the best bit right?!

Anyways, back to the main point and focus. All these beautiful guys, I thank you and salute you. Every single wedding I was privileged enough to shoot last year was as wonderful and individual as their newly wed owners. I thank you for allowing me to be there and I salute you for being so damn amazing!

Beautiful humans with beautiful souls…

LG049 LG054 LG073 LG078 LG095 LG127 Lu&Gav LG139 Lou&Gav LG158 LG171 JK017 JK069 JK073 JK085 JK099 JK135 JK125 JK137 JK144 JK168 JK264 R&V007 R&V039 R&V040 R&V101 R&V109 R&V111 R&V131 R&V181 R&V191 R&V195 R&V203 R&V229 R&V236 LRR043 LRR068 LRR058 LRR079 LRR102 LRR109 LRR111 LRR123 LRR126 Mr&Mrs Ross LRR127 JA020 JA034 JA044 JA064 JA078 JA111 JA113 JA125 JA124 JA133 JA141 JA148 JA149 JA206 AA011 AA003 AA025 AA028 AA043 AA063 AA061 AA079 AA094 AA101 AA134 AA144 AA147 AA158 AA159 AA161 AA164 AA165 DA047 DA014 DA007 DA017 DA021 DA036 DA039 DA045 DA049 DA051 DA056 DA058 DA060 DA064 DA065 DA082